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Adelson & Associates, LLC: New law firm and address, but Continuity in my Growing Law Practice

We begin this new year 2020 with a new law firm and a new downtown Boston address, but, at the same time, with full continuity for my growing law practice, which saw its best year in 2019.

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Here is more information on the new firm: Robert A. Adelson is now the Principal of Adelson & Associates, LLC.  For fifteen (15) years, from October 2004 through December 2019, Robert Adelson practiced law as a partner of Engel & Schultz, LLP, and at the same time referred legal work to his associates, that is to trusted and experienced colleagues of Mr. Adelson’s including several of his former law partners. However, in December 2019, the lead partners of the Engel & Schultz LLP law firm announced they would go into semi-retirement, go their separate ways, and the office lease would expire in January 2020.  In response, Robert Adelson formed Adelson & Associates, LLC in December 2019 and commenced the new law firm’s operations on January 1, 2020, with the new law firm, Adelson & Associates, LLC, from that date and going forward, taking over all current Robert Adelson clients and matters, as well as all referral of legal work to associates of Robert Adelson. Commencing tomorrow, 1/15/2020, the address for the new law firm Adelson & Associates, LLC will be 101 Federal Street, Suite 1900, Boston, MA 02110 (another premier Class A office building across the street from our prior building, One Federal Street, with our new offices, this time, on the 19th floor rather than the 21st floor). The office phone number (617-951-9980 ext 205) and fax number (617-951-0048) are, for the present, those of Engel & Schultz LLP.  However, by the end of January 2020, it is expected the new office phone and fax for Adelson & Associates, LLC will be in place.  If any question arises in this period, when trying to reach Robert Adelson by phone, please use the direct Mobile phone number which remains unchanged and will continue in full use now and going forward  (617-875-8665). The email for Robert Adelson ( ) is, for the present, his  Engel & Schultz LLP email.  The new domain for Adelson & Associates, LLC has been established, and Robert Adelson’s new email is  However, the seamless migration of to  has not yet been completed.  By the end of January 2020, it is expected that the email migration will be completed.  So, until you are advised that the email migration has been completed or you begin to receive email from the new email address, please continue to use for all email communications to Robert Adelson. Our website remains essentially unchanged, with the same internet address –  In marketing, our new shingle and brand will give greater emphasis to my website and marketing emphasis:  “Adelson & Associates, LLC – Executive Employment Attorney.”  The webpage, established for me at CEOWorld magazine, too will remain largely unchanged.  The web address remains – .  At that address, you will have a link to over twenty-five (25) articles Robert Adelson has written over the last few years and published in CEOWorld magazine.  These are articles on executive job offers, restricted stock and stock options, RSUs, executive bonus structures, change of control, executive retention agreements, wrongful termination and constructive termination and many other subjects of interest to CEOs, CFOs, CSOs, CTOs, COOs, VPs and other senior executives in industries ranging from financial institutions, retailers and manufacturers to software, medical devices and biotechnology companies.  From his contributions, Robert Adelson has been recognized by the magazine as an opinion columnist and authority in this field for the CEOWORLD Magazine. At the same time, Robert Adelson continues to represent a number of small companies, company founders, entrepreneurs and independent consultants.  That will not change. Robert Adelson will continue those representations and accept new clients in those areas who seek me out. However, the Adelson & Associates, LLC marketing emphasis and the majority of its law practice growth is expected to occur in the representation of CEOs, C-level and senior executive in executive employment, executive equity compensation, retention and separation situations. It has been our pleasure to serve you over the past 15 years under the firm name Engel & Schultz LLP, and we very much look forward to continuing to serve you under our new shingle, Adelson & Associates, LLC. If you have a question or comment on my new law firm, please don’t hesitate to call or email Robert Adelson.  Also, if business or pleasure finds you in the Post Office Square area of Boston’s downtown Financial District, and you would like to check out our new offices, please give a call or shoot us an email, and, as Ernie Boch Jr would say, “Come on down!” Best regards, Rob Adelson ROBERT A. ADELSON, ESQ. Adelson & Associates, LLC / Executive Employment Attorney 101 Federal Street, 19th Floor Boston, MA 02110 Office: (617) 951-9980 EXT. 205 Mobile :  (617) 875-8665 FAX:  (617) 951-0048 E-mail: Blog: Twitter:  @AttorneyAdelson Webpage : LinkedIn:

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