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Holiday Greetings 2020

Blue Bird

This holiday card and photograph are used here with the permission of wild life photographer Jerry Acton who enjoys sharing the beauty of nature from his home in New York’s Southern Tier.

All Best wishes to you and yours, for a joyous holiday season and For success, prosperity, health and happiness, In the coming year, 2021.

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Two articles of mine, published since spring 2020, during the Covid-19/ coronavirus crisis, intended to aid executives facing issues related to the pandemic, that may interest you, are as follows:

1. Working Remotely as a C-level Executive

Are you tempted by a C-level position in a company with great potential on the West Coast, in Texas or Upper Midwest, but don’t want to give up your home and uproot your family where you are living on the East Coast? My article, published in October 2020, suggests negotiation strategies, in our new COVID world, to build a comfort level with prospective employers, for those executives who would like to take up an executive employment opportunity as a remote CEO or C-level executive.

2. How the Right Severance Triggers can protect against Changed Circumstances

Has a new employer cut your pay or reduced your duties due to COVID-19 disruptions to the company, or due to a non-COVID related loss of a key customer, loss of financing or other changed circumstances? My article published in May 2020, discusses how negotiating the right severance triggers in your job offer can protect you so you can move on and be made whole.

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*The photo on this holiday card, that of a female bluebird, photographed by Jerry Acton, also graced the cover of Bluebird, Journal of the North American Bluebird Society 2009-2010 Winter edition – Once again, thank you to Jerry for sharing his fine work – making this wonderful winter wildlife image available for all of us to enjoy in this holiday season!

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