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How to Manage Multiple C-Level Executive Job Offers

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

On Friday November 4, 2022, CEOWorld magazine published an article I wrote on “How to Manage Multiple C-Level Executive Job Offers”

This new article is designed for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other C-level and senior executives, who currently have or expect to soon have multiple job offers, each job offer presenting an attractive opportunity, and where you as C-level executive, seek guidance of how to manage these offers for best effect financially, and for your families and your career.

This article discusses the art of managing multiple executive job offers to get the best results for yourself, including

  • How to evaluate multiple job offers,

  • How to manage the process and in doing so manage expectations of the parties,

  • What executive contract terms to seek from each company,

  • How to negotiate for the best terms from those available and still position yourself well for future opportunities,

  • How to navigate this process while maintaining your current position.

Finally, the article discusses planning your exit to do so on good terms that enhance your reputation.

This was my 39th article published in CEOWORLD since 2016. Previously, the editor advised that I can use “Featured in the CEOWORLD magazine” and the CEOWORLD “Logo” on my website and add CEOWORLD magazine in my LinkedIn profile’s “Experience Section” as an “Opinion Columnist.” and authority in the field.

On its own initiative, CEOWORLD magazine created on their website a library of Robert Adelson published articles. You can peruse this library and/or read as many of my 39 published articles as you wish. See

With more than 12.4+ million-page views, CEOWORLD magazine is the world’s leading business magazine written strictly for CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, senior management executives, business leaders, and high net worth individuals worldwide.

It is my hope that this article will be of benefit to CEOs, C-level and senior executives to offer them insights and guidance to make the most of the opportunity when you are being courted and …more than one suitor company is vying for your services for you to accept their job offer for next executive position.

Feel free to tweet or share this article. If you or any colleague of yours has a need in this area, please do reach out to me @ 617-875-8665 or

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