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Knowing Your Competition and Establishing Your Market Niche to Set Your Startup Apart

This is an article of mine published on July 7, 2020, by CEO Refresher magazine. My article is currently featured on the first page of the magazine website —

This article of mine is directed toward entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs of small and early stage companies, seeking angel or VC investment or trying to recruit co-founders and first employees or contractors. In such circumstances, the interested parties would be looking to the founder’s or CEO’s competitive analysis and demonstrated knowledge and mastery of his or her target marketplace to set his or her startup apart, including the following:

  • What market niche you intend to enter and can dominate

  • Your plan for how your company will penetrate the target

  • Identity of your chief competitors, both direct competitors and indirect competitors that could be substitutes for your product or service

  • The value proposition that you offer that will enable you to overcome the normal tendency for no change

  • Strengths of the competition and your plan to overcome those

  • Weakness of your competitors and your plan to avoid those same weaknesses

  • Barriers to entry you would seek to create to surmount new competition once you gain market traction

It is my hope that this article will be helpful to founders, entrepreneurs, C-level and other senior executives in companies I represent, particularly those in startup and early stage companies seeking to gain traction in their market to attract angel or VC investment or other partners for growth.

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