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Starting an Executive Consulting Business During Your Transition

On Thursday December 21, 2023, the executive career advancement website IvyExec published an article I wrote on “Starting an Executive Consulting Business during your Transition”.   

This article was designed for senior executives who have achieved a level of success and now find themselves in transition, that is, between executive positions, and might want to consider doing some consulting before accepting the next full-time job offer. My article discusses the advantages that providing executive consulting services can offer to senior executives between positions, including the following:

  • Adding to your knowledge, experience and skill set,

  • Aiding and encouraging you to stay current in your field,

  • Expanding deal flow for new CEO and senior executive positions and business opportunities,

  • Lengthening your financial runway with money coming in so you don’t have to take the first position offered,

  • Enhancing your bargaining position when you find a position you like.

The second part of my article offers three suggested steps to begin and develop a consultancy if you do want to give it a try.  The first of those steps discusses how low cost it is to begin consulting, and suggests formation of a protective and also efficient business entity for this purpose.

The article concludes with advice that retaining your consulting business can continue side by side with a new fulltime position once your transition is completed. The suggestion I make to you is that if you do develop a consultancy you may want to keep it around to retain the business you created and to potentially return to it for future transitions and as a potential source for new opportunities you might consider to continue to advance your career.

IvyExec hosts articles and webinars from experts in the career, leadership, and business spaces who wish to share their knowledge with our audience. In April 2021, I was invited to write for IvyExec since it seeks original content on the topics of career development, leadership, and business strategy as it applies to senior-level and C-Suite professionals. IvyExec blog posts and webinars are shared with its community of more than 2 million members on its website, in its newsletter, and on its social media channels. claims a “Community of 2.5M+ Leaders”.

It is my hope that this article will be helpful to senior executives who are in between full-time permanent positions and might want to giving consulting a try during that interim period.  If you or any colleague of yours has a need in this area, please do reach out to me, your executive employment lawyer, at 617-875-8665 or

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