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Merits of RSUs vs Stock Options and Other Forms of Executive Equity Compensation

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Eight days ago, on Monday March 30, 2022, the executive career advancement website IvyExec published an article I wrote on “Merits of RSUs vs Stock Options and Other Forms of Executive Equity Compensation.”

This new article is designed not only for C-level and senior executives, but even for many directors and mid-level executives.

My article discusses a less well known form of executive equity RSUs – restricted stock units, including these subjects:

  • What are RSUs?

  • How are RSUs different from the more common forms of executive equity, stock options and restricted stock?

  • How are RSUs taxed in ways different than stock options and restricted stock?

  • In what situations are RSUs an attractive executive equity choice?

  • In what situations are other choices preferable for the executive?

To see my full IvyExec article, go to LINK:

Or my website at

IvyExec hosts articles and webinars from experts in the career, leadership, and business spaces who wish to share their knowledge with our audience. In April 2021, I was invited to write for IvyExec since it seeks original content on the topics of career development, leadership, and business strategy as it applies to senior-level and C-Suite professionals. IvyExec blog posts and webinars are shared with its community of more than 2 million members on its website, in its newsletter, and on its social media channels.

IvyExec claims a “Community of 2.5M+ Leaders”.

It is my hope that this article will be of benefit to C-level, senior and even lower level executives who are now or may in the future be negotiating over equity as part of their executive compensation and are not confident the stock price will rise and might even decline, and would like an alternative form of equity that can retain some value in cases where “underwater” stock options become worthless.

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