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Are You Getting the C-Suite Executive Salary You Deserve?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

On January 26, 2022, the career advice website Ivy Exec published under executive “Leadership” an article I wrote on “Are You Getting the C-Suite Executive Salary You Deserve?

This new article is designed for designed for CEOs, C-level and senior executives, who are negotiating new job offers where, in my view, the normal metrics a Gartner or Mercer surveys are just not appropriate for the CEO or C-level executive compensation package, and I am called upon to suggest, design and then lead the negotiations for a custom executive compensation package.

My article first suggests three situations well suited to justify development and deployment of a custom executive compensation package:

  • Start-up and early stage company CEOs,

  • Turnaround CEO situation, and

  • Special needs executive recruitment – where a CEO or C-level executive has special attributes that fill a critical need for the company.

My article then moves on to discuss that the custom package must not only make up for your loss of pay and benefits to leave your current employer, but even more so, to make up for three further critical intangibles as well, and hence – what should be included on your custom executive compensation package? And how much equity compensation should you ask for?

The article then concludes with my suggestions for how the executive can achieve company “Buy-in” – how do you sell the custom CEO or C-level executive compensation package to a skeptical employer? This last part shares there of my best “sales” techniques:

  • You (employer) want and need an “A” team player and one who will attract more A team players to the company.

  • You want alignment and this custom package greatly magnifies alignment, and

  • Success for my executive, even with this full custom package, means vastly greater success to the company’s stockholders, often 10x, 15x and even 20x pay back return for the company’s stockholders, if the CEO or C-level executive succeeds in his or her mission, and costs little or nothing if he or she does not succeed.

IvyExec hosts articles and webinars from experts in the career, leadership, and business spaces who wish to share their knowledge with our audience. In April 2021, I was invited to write for IvyExec since it seeks original content on the topics of career development, leadership, and business strategy as it applies to senior-level and C-Suite professionals. IvyExec blog posts and webinars are shared with its community of more than 2 million members on its website, in its newsletter, and on its social media channels.

IvyExec claims a “Community of 2.5M+ Leaders”.

It is my hope that this article will be of benefit to C-level and senior executives who are considering job offers in situations where a custom executive compensation package of salary, bonus, and equity is appropriate. Feel free to tweet or share this article. If you or any colleague of yours has a need in this area, please do reach out to me.

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